Health Insurance

What is Group Health Insurance?  

Health insurance provided to members of a group of persons,
as employees of one or more employers or members of
associations or labor unions. The term is usually used to
distinguish this type of health insurance from individual health
insurance. One master contract is written to cover the group.

Small Business Health Insurance

If you own or belong to a business or organization with less
than 50 people small business health insurance has lots of
benefits for you. Besides providing medical care for yourself
and your employees, a small business health insurance plan
helps spread the financial risk between all the members, which
usually means lower premiums and more extensive coverage
for everyone.  But group health insurance has tax advantages
too. Employer contributions to a small business health
insurance plan are generally 100% tax deductible, and
employees save on payroll taxes.  Small businesses (and
certain organizations, like non-profits) are generally eligible for
group health insurance so long as they can show two or more
full-time taxable employees.  

Key questions for evaluating a health plan:

  • Are there deductibles to be paid before the insurance
    begins to help cover costs?

  • What doctors, hospitals, and other medical providers are
    part of the plan?

  • Is there enough providers available in your area?

  • Can doctors outside a plan's network be used, if so, what
    are the costs?

  • Are there any limits to how much is paid in case of major

Health Insurance
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